After feedback from testers, we implement many little things that increase player immersion.

One of these things was the ability to remove lightbulbs from sockets because near everyone testing the game tried to do it.

All lightbulbs can also be broken so this led to situations when the player is left in the darkness. Besides that, we also thought about selected places in the game when darkness is intentional. In the meantime, while browsing steampunk stuff on Instagram we found great steampunk handmade works done by SvartMaster and immediately we came to the conclusion we want one of his firelighters designs in our game. We started with a prototype:

That you can fire up and put out using HTC Vive touchpad! (sorry for Instagram video dump).

Meantime we asked SvartMaster to use one of his original designs and we are very happy to announce he agreed. Immediately we started to copy his design to 3d model and implement it in the game:

You can all judge how it looks but we really love how it adds to the mood in dark places:

Once again big thanks and kudos to SvartMaster for his great designs – please check out his works!